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DesignCollaboration.org originated from Northumbria University's School of Design. It contains three main sections:

Explore Collaborations section is a place to view how design tutors from across the globe have facilitated collaborative learning in design through submitted case studies. Try using the 'Quickstart to Explore Collaborations' Menu or review the latest projects that have been submitted by clicking on the project images below.

Barbour target a new fashion market. The project was titled ‘Friendly’ and was commissioned by the fast moving consumer goods company - Unilever Design Perceptions and Emotional Impact of Cars: a collaborative project with CarMen Gmbh

Share your Projects section enables you to share collaborative projects with the Design Education community by publishing it on this site.Diagram showing the 5 easy steps to uploading a project

Teaching Resources contains useful teaching and learning resources that you can use with students. You can quickly explore this section by using the 'Quickstart to Teaching Resources' Menu on the right. The resources include a wide range of learning activities, videos of experienced designers talking about collaboration and links to external resources.

Understanding and Developing a Team Philosophy Exercise Roles of a Designer in a Design Team Exercise

We hope that you enjoy using and adapting the resources provided on DesignCollaboration.org in your practice. We welcome any feedback on ways to improve the site or the resources provided. Click on the 'Contact' link to send us your feedback.

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