Explore Collaborations: Barbour target a new fashion market


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Project name: Barbour target a new fashion market

Project information:

This project involved 3rd year Undergraduate in the subject area of Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. The collaboration was a Group project involving other student groups from different subject / schools/ universities (for e.g. between Design and Business)..

An overview of the project:

This ‘Barbour’ project was open to all of the options on the Fashion programme – womenswear, menswear, knitted textiles and printed textiles. The students were expected to produce a full outfit of garments or their equivalent, dependent upon their specialism, aimed at a new, contemporary fashion market.
The students were asked to use an A4 research sketchbook and record observations from chosen destinations such as Cragside, Bamburgh Castle and Beamish. The drawings needed to show structure, detail, colour and texture and students needed to be mindful of their specialism whilst researching and show discrimination in their selection of subjects.

On completion of the research information and inspiration elements, students were asked to develop 20 outfits for Barbour, or the equivalent in textile designs, taking the brand in a new, contemporary direction, whilst respecting their tradition and roots. From that number of designs, one outfit/range of textile designs was chosen to take to the next stage. Silhouette and detail needed to be addressed in every design. The focus was on refinement, both in the silhouettes and in the finish of the manufacture.

Once all of the design decisions were made, the garment/textile designs could be cut out of the fabric – waxed cotton. This process was technical and required some dexterity to get the most out of the fabric.
The final outfit was then ‘styled’ on a model of the student’s choice or displayed, in the case of textiles – hopefully reflecting all of the target market values and was presented to academic staff, peers and representatives from both Barbour and the Costume Society.

Students were asked to talk about their motivation and inspiration for the outfit/textile designs and place them into context for Barbour.

A description of who was involved in the project:

The parties involved were, Barbour, the Costume Society – the clients, 3rd year, Level 5 Fashion students (4 year sandwich course) from Menswear, Womenswear, Textiles and Knitwear options, Gael Henry – Tutor 1 womenswear, Senior Lecturer, Christopher Hodge – Tutor 2 womenswear, Senior Lecturer, David Chantry – Tutor 3 menswear, Senior Lecturer, Kristen Pickering - Tutor 4 textiles, Senior Lecturer, from the School of Design, Northumbria University.

A description of the key outcomes of this project for all parties which were involved:

The project supported the aim of the brand to capture a younger, smarter customer, whilst utilising their traditional cloths. The student’s task was to give a new perspective, whilst staying true to the quintessential Englishness of the label. The focus was on outerwear pieces that utilised the waxed cottons that were supplied by Barbour. There were also various lining fabrics made available and opportunities for introducing other fabrics when desired. The designs were aimed at Autumn/Winter 2008, so this project was 1 year ahead of the season. The designer at Barbour discussed the design development brief before the students began this stage of the work. A member of the Costume Society also collaborated with the students and visited at a number of stages, with a view to showing the finished outfits to delegates of their annual symposium.

 Exploring Collaboration Learning

Amy Clay - womenswear, research drawings from boats and sailing

 Exploring Collaboration Learning

Kay Speight - textiles. Design details and initial inspiration

 Exploring Collaboration Learning

Lucy Anderson - menswear, initial research drawings and development