Explore Collaborations: Design Perceptions and Emotional Impact of Cars: a collaborative project with CarMen Gmbh


Assessing the Collaboration

Tutors were asked the following questions to enable them to describe the assessment methods employed during the collaborative project.

What methods of assessment were used?

The tutor indicated the following method of assessment were used during the collaborative project:

  • Tutor assessment
  • Client assessment

A combination of Client assessment at pre defined intervals and ongoing Tutor assessment. Peer and group sessions were used throughout at staged intervals.

Can you elaborate on how you assess the students in the collaborative project, both in terms of the project and how they work as a team?

Assessment, in terms of formative feedback, was ongoing throughout the project. This type of assessment is of paramount importance for the successful completion of the project and in enabling students to understand what they were trying to achieve at each stage.

Staged reviews or critiques were used to assess each group's activities and present findings and formative group feedback was given by their tutor. Group and individual activities were assessed then redefined if necessary at these stages and individual tutorials given. Tutorials were used to highlight group project potential, illustrate areas of good practice, and to help each student with their individual activities within their group.

Summative assessment took place at the end of the project in the form of a formal presentation to the client. Each group member was asked to provide their own solution based upon the criteria defined by the previous group research gathering stage. Individual were required to go further with more analysis of the market segment pertinent to their proposed design solutions.

The client was given a breakdown of the module and marking criteria from the beginning of the project and a set of mutually acceptable marking criteria were agreed upon. Project specific criteria, or definition of deliverables, were defined at the briefing session to the students. Student's individual performance was assessed against these criteria however in an attempt to qualify the grade boundaries each group was also given an overall "boundary defining" performance related grade to find top, middle, and bottom in terms of overall performance. This was used in an attempt to clearly illustrate the success of a team's performance within the cohort, and then individual endeavor within those teams.