Explore Collaborations: The project was titled ‘Friendly’ and was commissioned by the fast moving consumer goods company - Unilever


Assessing the Collaboration

Tutors were asked the following questions to enable them to describe the assessment methods employed during the collaborative project.

What methods of assessment were used?

The tutor indicated the following method of assessment were used during the collaborative project:

  • Tutor assessment
  • Client assessment
  • Combination - please specify weighting in each type of assessment used:

No weighting used – formative and summative feedback

Can you elaborate on how you assess the students in the collaborative project, both in terms of the project and how they work as a team?

The project was not just assessed on outcome, it was assessed on the students engagement. Collaborators saw why the thinking went a particular way. Failure can happen when students don’t record the process data. When the collaborators are so different – scientists are logistics people – there are unexpected consequences – the collaborators find things interesting and question stuff. No individual assessment was undertaken.