Resolving Conflicts

Why use this tool?

A major advantage that a team has over an individual is its diversity of resources, knowledge and ideas. However, diversity also produces conflict and obstructs how the team works. Conflict can occur because of communication, organisational or personal issues. Conflicts can be considered as positive, as they lead to new ideas and approaches to how the team is organised and deals with problems. So there are opportunities for people to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. In order for conflict to be dealt with successfully, the team must understand its unpredictability and its impact on individuals and the team as a whole. This exercise enables a design team to become aware of common issues that may lead to conflict, and consider how they would resolve conflict should they occur.

How to use this tool?

Ideally, the exercise should be used after a team has been formed, so they can develop their approach to resolving conflict.

Video Resources

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Video 1: Raising awareness of conflict that can occurs in a design team

Video 2: How to Resolving Conflicts


These video have been supplemented with comments from Warren Trezevant, Animator and Creative Lead for Dimensional Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, Mariana Zegianini, Director, Alan Bates Design, Nina Belk, User Experience Consultant, Flow Interactive and Steven Kyffin, Senior Global Director Design Research, Philips.