Teaching Resources: Communicate with a Design Team

Effective design teams are open to sharing information and ideas, and are able to facilitate and give constructive feedback. The tools in this section provide design students with the skills to help them to communicate more explicitly with and outside of their design team. Tools such as 'Team Communication Guidelines', 'Mind Mapping' and 'Personas' encourage the team to understand how to give feedback and share the communication of ideas and process. A key aspect of communication is knowing your audience:'Communicating with Others','Designer and Client Role Play' and 'Personas' prompt students to consider how to communicate as a team to external stakeholders.

Communicating within a Design Team: How to Give and Take Feedback

Team Communication Guidelines

This tool helps a newly formed design team to analyse how a design team communicates and aids discussion on how the team want to give and receive feedback that is ‘Team Communication Guidelines'.

Presentation Guidelines

Communicating with Others

Communication is key to a great design and most of all a satisfied client. It is easy to let ideas get lost in translation. This tool enables a team to consider what is important when communicating with others in different scenarios (over email, face to face, or at a networking event).

Role Play Designer Client Relationship using Masks

Designer and Client Role Play

This tool enables a design team to put themselves in their client's shoes; to enable a design team to understand how to communicate with their client and know the terminology to use when presenting to the client.

Aiding Communication in a Design Team Using Personas


Personas are used to identify stakeholders involved in the design problem in order to identify relevant issues to be addressed.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

The mind mapping process, presented in this tool, allows a design team to share, synthesise information and generate ideas as a team.