Need Help Selecting Tools?

The resources in the site were developed with design tutors and enhanced by consultation with professional designers. Tutors and students from the School of Design at Northumbria University piloted the activities and approaches, which led to the creation of the resources. The tools are informed by and illustrate emerging practice. The tools are divided into five categories designed to help students:

The resources can be further adapted, developed or contextualised to provide creative and innovative activities in your practice. No doubt, you, as design tutors, will bring a wealth of creative ideas about how to get the most out of these resources and we hope that you find the process professionally stimulating.

Using the Resources

The links take you to selected resources listed in each theme. Each resource has a guidance document on how to run the activity and is supplemented by student exercise(s). Some of the resources have videos, which you can watch to get an insight or share with the students. For some of the exercises an additional 'Related Articles' link takes you to external resources so you can explore other related topics. Each resource has a recommended time to spend, so that you are aware of the maximum time to be spend on each exercise.